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Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. This article explains how IT pros and system administrators can take advantage windows 10 home to enterprise csp free many settings available through configuration service providers CSPs to configure devices running Windows client in their organizations.

CSPs expose device configuration settings in Windows client. In the client operating system, a CSP is the interface between configuration settings that are specified in a provisioning document and configuration settings that are on the device. CSPs are similar to Group Policy client-side extensions in that they provide an interface to read, set, freee, or delete configuration settings for a given feature.

Typically, these settings map to registry keys, files, or permissions. Some of these settings are configurable, and some are read-only. On the Windows client platform, the management approach for desktop uses CSPs to configure and manage all devices running Windows client. Each CSP windows 10 home to enterprise csp free access to specific settings. SyncML offers an open standard to use as an alternative to vendor-specific management solutions such as WMI. The value for enterprises adopting industry standard management protocols is that it allows the management of a broader set of vendor devices using a single platform such as Microsoft Intune.

The target CSP reads this information and applies the necessary configurations. The bridge is responsible for reading WMI windows 10 home to enterprise csp free and through a component called the common device configurator pass them to a CSP for application on the device. In addition, you may have unmanaged devices, or a large number of devices that you want to configure before enrolling them in management.

You may windows 10 home to enterprise csp free want to apply custom settings that aren’t available through your MDM service. The CSP hoome can help you understand the settings that can be configured or queried. You can also learn about all of the available configuration settings. You can use Windows Configuration Designer to create provisioning packages to apply settings to devices during the out-of-box-experience OOBEand after the devices are set up. You can also use provisioning packages to windows 10 home to enterprise csp free a device’s connectivity and enroll the device in MDM.

Many settings in Windows Configuration Designer will display documentation for that setting in the center pane, and will include a reference to the CSP if the setting uses one, as shown in the following image. Provisioning packages in Windows client explains how to use the Windows Configuration Designer tool to create a runtime provisioning package.

It might be named differently than you expected. In Intune, for example, you can use custom policy settings to deploy settings. You’ll notice that the list doesn’t explain the meanings of the allowed and default values, so use the CSP reference documentation to locate that information. All CSPs are documented in the Configuration service hoem reference. The documentation for each CSP eindows the same structure. Notice the different shapes in the diagram: rounded elements are nodes, and rectangular elements hoome settings or policies for which a value must be supplied.

The element in the tree diagram after the root node tells you the name of the CSP. When an element in the diagram uses italic font, it indicates a placeholder for specific information, such as the tenant ID in the following example. After the diagram, the documentation describes each element. For each policy or setting, the valid values are listed. CSPs provide access to many settings useful to enterprises. This section introduces the CSPs that an enterprise might find useful.

Policy CSP. Some of these policy settings can also be applied using Group Policy, and the CSP documentation windoss the equivalent Group Policy settings. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Увидеть больше More info.

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WindowsLicensing CSP – Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs

When a product key is pushed from an MDM server to a user’s device, changepk. View all page feedback. Take the value, convert it into its hexadecimal equivalent and search the GetProductInfo function page on MSDN for edition information. Table of contents. When the device is joined to the tenant domain via Azure AD , the device will be automatically upgraded to Windows 10 Education.


Windows 10 home to enterprise csp free

Learn how the WindowsLicensing configuration service provider (CSP) is designed for licensing related management scenarios. Windows 10 Enterprise E3 in CSP is a new offering that delivers, by subscription, exclusive features reserved for Windows 10 Enterprise edition. Describes Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3, an offering that delivers, by subscription, the features of Windows 10/11 Enterprise edition.

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