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The Silver Surfer collectlr a fictional book collector license key free appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character also appears in a number of movies, television, and video game adaptations. The character was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four 48, published in The Silver Surfer is a humanoid ilcense with metallic skin who can travel through space with the aid of his surfboard -like craft.

Originally a young astronomer named Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La, he saved his homeworld from the planet devourer, Galactusby serving as his herald. Imbued in return with some portion of Galactus' Power Cosmic[4] Radd acquired vast power, graphing download windows 10 new body and a surfboard-like craft on which he could book collector license key free faster по ссылке light.

Now known as the Silver Surfer, Radd roamed the cosmos searching for planets for Galactus to consume. When his travels took him to Earthhe met the Fantastic Fourwho helped him rediscover his nobility of spirit. Betraying Galactus, the Surfer saved Earth but was exiled there as punishment. The Silver Surfer debuted as an unplanned addition to the superhero -team comic Fantastic Four 48 March The comic's writer-editor, Stan Leeand its penciller and co-plotter, Jack Kirbyhad, by the mids, developed a collaborative technique collechor as the ” Marvel Method “: the two would discuss story ideas, Kirby working подробнее на этой странице a brief synopsis to draw the individual scenes and plot details, with Lee finally book collector license key free the dialogue and captions.

When Kirby turned in his pencil art for the story, he included a new character he читать Lee had not discussed. The Silver Surfer soon became a key part of the unfolding story.

Following the Surfer's debut, Lee and Kirby brought him back as a recurring guest in Fantastic Four 55—61, 72, and 74—77 ranging Oct. The character made his solo debut in the backup book collector license key free of Fantastic Four Annual 5 Nov. The following year, Lee launched the solo title The Silver Surfer. The first seven issues, which included anthological “Tales of the Watcher” backup stories, were page with advertisingcent “giants”, as opposed to the typical page, cent comics of the time.

Thematically, the stories dealt with the Surfer's exile on Earth and the inhumanity of man as observed by this noble yet fallen hero. Though short-lived, the series became known as one of Lee's most thoughtful and introspective works. Following his series' cancellation, the Surfer made sporadic appearances as a guest star or antagonist in licensw comic books as ThorThe Defendersand Fantastic Four. Lee remained partial to the Surfer, even asking other writers not to читать далее him as a general rule, [15] and with Kirby collaborated on a seminal graphic novel starring the character, the only original story featured in the Marvel Fireside Books series.

After a one-shot by writer-artist John Byrne with scripting by Stan Leethe Surfer appeared in his second solo ongoing title in Initially written by Steve Englehartthe series was to be set on Earth and one issue was completed under this premise before Marvel agreed to let Englehart remove the long-standing restriction regarding Silver Surfer being imprisoned on Earth.

This first issue was book collector license key free and a brand new first issue was written, to set up this plot twist; the original first issue would ultimately be reprinted in Marvel Fanfare The series marked the first Book collector license key free Surfer stories not written by Stan Lee, a fact which Lee was openly unhappy about.

He explained:. I felt /14064.txt it was kind of nice for me to have been the only writer of the Silver Surfer, so I felt a little bit disappointed when somebody else did it.

I would have liked to have been the only person. Had I known they were absolutely going to licehse the book done, I would have found the time to do it myself. Oicense didn't really have time but I would have made the time, rather than have anybody else do it.

Englehart introduced many villains for Silver Surfer, as well as featured space politics involving Surfer's homeworld Zenn-La, which was caught in the middle of a renewed Kree—Skrull War. However, issues regarding Englehart wanting to use his Avengers character Mantis as Silver Licenss companion, as well as editorial адрес to let him use Thanos or other concepts conceived by Jim Starlinled Englehart licenee leave the book with issue Starlin took over as writer with issue 34 after several fill-in issues, and incorporated Thanos, Adam Warlock, and Drax the Destroyer into the series.

DeMatteis also book collector license key free brief book collector license key free stints on the series as well. Muthas well as periodic guest spots by John Buscema. The title experienced great initial success which allowed Marvel to push the character into other media, including a video gametrading card set, and animated seriesas well as spinning off a variety of other comics series including Cosmic PowersCosmic Powers UnlimitedCaptain Marvel vol.

It ran issues, through bbook A two-issue Silver Surfer vook book collector license key free collected as Silver Surfer: Parablescripted by Lee and drawn by Moebiuswas published through Marvel's Epic Comics imprint in and Because of inconsistencies with other stories, it has been argued that these stories actually feature an alternate Silver Surfer from a parallel Earth.

A new ongoing Silver Surfer series began infocusing on the character's alien nature and messianic allegory. It lasted 14 issues. In —, he starred in the four-issue miniseries Annihilation: Silver Surfer and co-starred in the miniseries Heralds of Galactusboth part of the Annihilation fictional crossover. Michael Straczynski and artist Esad Ribic. The first issue was released May 30, to coincide with the character's first movie appearance. After an appearance in the ” Planet Hulk ” storyline inthe Surfer was frwe in its spin-off series starring the Hulk's son Skaar inboth written by Greg Collectro.

The Silver Surfer received a sixth volume, an eponymous 5-issue miniseries written by Pak, debuting in February In ссылка на страницу, a 5 part mini-series titled Silver Surfer: Black was released featuring art from Tradd Moore in collaboration with writing from Donny Cates.

The series is an book collector license key free of a Guardians of the Galaxy storyline which the Surfer was sucked into a black hole and ejected into unfamiliar space territory.

This run follows the Surfer as he traverses the spaceways on a journey back home. Facing the destruction of his world fgee planet-consuming GalactusRadd bargains with the cosmic being. In return for the safety of Zenn-La and his lover, Shalla-BalRadd pledges to seek out planets for the world devourer to consume as his herald.

Galactus imbues him with a portion of the Power Cosmictransforming him into нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Silver Surfer. Radd serves Galactus for an unspecified amount of time.

Eventually, the Surfer summons his master to Earth. Touched by their nobility, he rebels against Galactus, who is eventually driven off. Before he leaves, he confines the Surfer to Earth with an invisible barrier that affects book collector license key free him.

During his exile, the Surfer fights numerous villains, including Doctor Doomwho wants his Power Cosmic, and Mephistowho wants his soul. The Surfer's only ally during these trials is a physicist keyy the name of Al B.

Harper, who eventually sacrifices himself to save the world from the Stranger. Banding together with the Hulk and Namor during these wanderings, the Collectpr forms the “Titans Three”, a book collector license key free dedicated to battling evil on Earth.

The Surfer finally pierces Galactus's barrier with the aid of Reed Richards and temporarily escapes Earth. He discovers, though, that his homeworld has been ravaged by Galactus and Shalla-Bal has been abducted by Mephisto and taken to Earth.

Even though it means trapping himself once more, the Surfer returns to Earth to battle and defeat Mephisto. Before being vanquished, Mephisto sends Shalla-Bal back to Zenn-La, but the Surfer manages to endow her with a portion /2818.txt his Power Cosmic, which she uses to revitalize the plant life of their ravaged homeworld.

After the Surfer aids the Fantastic Four against Galactus's latest herald Terrax[44] The Surfer eventually pierces Galactus's barrier by acting on a suggestion book collector license key free trying to pass through on a spaceship instead of via his own power on his surfboard.

He also makes peace with Galactus by rescuing current herald Nova from the Skrulls. Galactus declares the Surfer's exile ended. Embroiled in fresh hostilities between the interstellar Kree and Skrull empires, the Surfer also intervenes in a series of plots привожу ссылку the Elders of the Universewho plan to become нажмите чтобы перейти powerful by destroying Galactus and the universe with him.

The Surfer thwarts this plot with the aid of his new love interest, Mantisthe Earth-born cosmic heroine also known as the “Celestial Madonna”. The Surfer repeatedly battles space-born menaces, the chief of whom is Thanos, who attempts to kill half book collector license key free life in the universe using the omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet. He convinces Galactus to restore it, [53] but once Galactus has done so, the Surfer is overcome with grief until he is able to forgive himself.

The Surfer returns home to Zenn-La to find that читать статью planet has eky, and learns it was actually destroyed in the s Earth time by the entity known as the Other. Zenn-La and its people which the Surfer repeatedly encountered since leaving Galactus's service were actually reproductions, created by Galactus so that the Surfer would have a home to return to. He later regains his personality during a time-travel adventure and sharing a romance with Alicia Masters.

Silver Surfer temporarily bonds with and is controlled by the Carnage symbiotewhich is seeking revenge for the destruction of its homeworld. Later, the Surfer works with the alien Annunaki race to gather and protect some of Earth's most extraordinarily gifted children. During his travels, the Surfer is captured by a book collector license key free of the Sakaar Empire.

Left weakened and vulnerable by his trip through the portal, the Surfer is subdued and implanted with an obedience disk to ensure he remains loyal to them.

Fighting as a gladiator and believed to be the fabled ‘Sakaarson' due to his appearancethe Surfer is finally forced to face the Hulk along with his Warbound. Through teamwork and distraction, the Hulk is eventually able to destroy the Surfer's obedience disk. The Hulk and several other slaves and gladiators are freed when the Surfer uses the Power Cosmic book collector license key free remove their own obedience disks and give them a way out of the arena, although the Hulk declines the Surfer's offer to take him back to Earth.

During the Annihilation war, the Silver Surfer again becomes Galactus's herald to help save the universe from the despot Annihilus. Drax the Destroyer frees здесь Surfer, who in turn frees Galactus. An enraged Galactus destroys more than half the Annihilation Wave, and Annihilus is defeated. The Silver Surfer leads the world devourer to the populated planet Orbucen, which brings him into conflict with Richard Rider.

He delays the bbook destruction to give the inhabitants more time to evacuate. Colllector Silver Surfer returns to Sakaar in a plan to feed Galactus with the unique “Old Power” which he claims would sate his master's hunger for thousands of years, sparing many other inhabited worlds. He is opposed by the Hulk's son, Skaarand is enslaved by an obedience disc. The conflict is ended when Skaar's mother Caiera sacrifices her soul and Old Power as sustenance for Galactus.

The battle ended when the Silver Surfer chose to leave his post as herald and guard an Asgardian artifact. Galactus “tethers” him to Asgard's location bok Oklahomavook in his powers waning the further he /3545.txt from Asgard, biok grants him the ability to return to human form.

Silver Surfer and Dawn meet Glorian the Maker of Miracles, who plans to rebuild our universe for the heroes book collector license key free return to after they finish in Battleworld. Glorian has also enlisted the help of the Shaper of Worlds. Dawn agreed to book collector license key free her memories to restore Earth while Silver Surfer left to restore the rest of the universe, but Silver Surfer unmade Galactus while Dawn unknowingly created another version of Norrin.

The Shaper of Worlds is not happy with the changes. When Silver Surfer was displaced in time, he had an encounter with Knull. Gathering the energy from the cosmos, Silver Surfer managed to defeat Knull. During the ” King in Black ” storyline, Silver Surfer passes by the planets that источник статьи ravaged by Knull. Knull reels in pain and Eddie Brock is chosen to be the new Captain Universe.


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Howard the Duck is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik. Howard the Duck first appeared in Adventure into Fear 19 cover-dated Dec. Howard's adventures are generally social satireswhile a few are parodies book collector license key free genre fiction with a metafictional awareness of the medium. The book is existentialistand its main joke, according to Gerber, is that there is no joke: ” It's not supposed to be an existential experience.

Howard the Duck was portrayed by Ed Gale and voiced by Chip Zien in the critically and commercially unsuccessful book collector license key free film. Gerber wrote 27 issues of the series for the most part ditching the horror parodiesillustrated by a variety of artists, beginning with Frank Brunner.

Book collector license key free gets run over by a steamroller, the result is a pancake-flat coyote who can be expected to snap back to three dimensions within moments; if Howard gets run over by a steamroller, the result is blood on asphalt.

I would see something in my mind, and that is посетить страницу источник you would draw! I've never had that experience with another artist before or since. Sporting the slogan “Get Down, America! Presidential campaign of[7] [8] and led to Howard the Duck allegedly receiving thousands of write-in votes in the actual election. Marvel attempted a spin-off with a short-lived Howard the Duck newspaper comic strip from toat first written by Gerber and drawn by Colan and Mayerik, [10] later written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Alan Kupperberg.

Gerber gained a degree of creative autonomy when he became the comic book collector license key free editor in addition to his usual writing duties.

With issue 16, unable to meet the deadline for his regular script, Gerber substituted an entire issue of text pieces and illustrations satirizing his own difficulties as a writer.

The Walt Disney Company contacted Marvel book collector license key free over concerns that the visual design of Howard infringed on their trademark for Donald Duck. Marvel agreed to a redesign of the character by Disney artists. A key feature of /21410.txt redesign was that the character would wear pants.

InGerber was removed from the newspaper strip and the comic-book series due to chronic problems with deadlines. The final episode of the newspaper strip was published on October 29, Issue 31 May of the comic-book series announced on its letters page that it would be the final issue of Howard the Duck as a color comic. Marvel then relaunched the series that year as a bimonthly magazine, with scripts by Mantlo, art by Colan and Michael Golden and unrelated backup features by others.

The magazine was canceled after nine issues. On August 29,after learning of Marvel's efforts to license Howard for use in film and broadcast media, Steve Gerber filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Marvel corporate parent Cadence Industries book collector license key free other parties, alleging that he was the sole owner of the character.

On November 5,Judge David Kenyon approved the motion and dismissed the case. The only new story featuring the character between and appeared in Bizarre Adventures 34 Scripted by Steven Grantit featured a suicidal Howard being put through a parody of It's a Wonderful Life. The book collector license key free comic book series reappeared with issue 32 January It featured a story that had been written by Grant four years earlier.

Howard co-creator Val Mayerik co-plotted the story and provided the art. It was released alongside an adaptation of the Howard the Duck feature film, which was published in Marvel Super Special 41 November and a three-issue comic-book series. The character was again living with Beverly Switzler, now working as a rent-a- ninja. How they got book collector license key free together was never explained.

Beverly was not involved in the story, in which She-Hulk takes Howard on a trip through several dimensions with a theoretical physicist from Empire State University. He had the idea to create an unofficial crossover between the two issues, where the characters would meet momentarily in the shadows, but which would not affect either story. Soon after, Gerber discovered that Howard was scheduled to appear in Ghost Rider vol.

Gerber was not pleased with this development, and changed the “unofficial crossover” somewhat. As Savage Dragon and Destroyer Duck escape the warehouse, they reveal that they rescued the “real” Howard and Beverly, while Spider-Man left with two of the clones.

Howard has his feathers dyed green, and is renamed “Leonard the Duck”, and Beverly has her hair dyed black and нажмите для деталей renamed “Rhonda Martini”. Featuring several familiar Howard the Duck characters, the series, like the original one, parodied a wide range of other comics and pop culture figures, but with considerably stronger language and sexual content than what would have been allowable 25 years earlier.

The series has Doctor Bong causing Howard to go through multiple changes of form, principally into a mouse as a parody of Mickey Mousein retaliation for the Disney-mandated redesignbook collector license key free entering a chain of events parodying comics such as WitchbladePreacher and several others, with Howard ultimately having a conversation with God in Hell.

Howard had cameo appearances in She-Hulk vol. Inhe returned in Howard the Duck vol. This series was rated for ages 9 and up, though one issue was published with a Marvel Zombies tie-in cover with a parental advisory claim. In NovemberMarvel announced an ongoing series starting in March featuring Howard as a private investigator on Earth. The creative team consisted of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Joe Quinones. This led to a reboot produced by the same creative team starting with Howard the Duck vol.

Howard's first appearance in comics is when he is abruptly abducted from his home planet by an unseen force and randomly dropped into the Florida Everglades by the demon-lord Thog the Nether-Spawn.

He meets the Man-Thingwho had been attacked by Korrek of Katharta, and the three of them are confronted by warriors of the Congress of Realities. They then travel to the realm of Therea and destroy Thog the Nether-Spawn. Howard then accidentally falls off the inter-dimensional stepping stones that the group were traveling on [24] and materializes in Cleveland, Ohio, where he battles Garko the Man-Frog.

Howard also briefly encounters and kills a vampiric cow named Bessie the Hellcow. Howard makes friends with an artists' model named Beverly Switzler and a bizarre series of encounters follow. He battles Pro-Ratathe cosmic accountant, then meets Spider-Man at the end of the battle. Howard and Beverly hit the road, seeking shelter in a gothic mansion where they battle a girl named Patsy and her giant, animated-to-life gingerbread man.

The Beaver falls to his death in a battle with Howard. Unfortunately, the bus' passengers are all believers in various weird cults, and try to interest Howard in them. His seatmates are Winda Wester and the Kidney Lady, a woman who believes that the soul of a person lives in their kidneys and attempts to stop anything she sees as “anti-kidney health. There he meets Daimon Hellstrom, and is briefly possessed by Hellstrom's demonic soul, becoming the new Son of Satan. Later, while on the S.

Damneda cruise ship returning from scenic Bagmom, Howard and Beverly are taken captive by Lester Verde. Verde had known Beverly in college and had a crush on her and had assumed the identity of the supervillain Doctor Bong[38] who illegally marries Beverly against her will and transforms Howard into a human.

After escaping back to New York and being restored to his natural form, Howard is hired as a dishwasher by Beverly's uncle, Lee Switzler. Korrek pilots the ship the Epoch Weasel and drops Howard back off at Cleveland before he and their allies fly away.

Howard is later kidnapped by the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime. Winda is abandoned by Paul and Iris and Paul is shot and left in a coma. Writer Bill Mantlo, beginning with issue 30, returned the series to its former status quo, bringing Beverly back into the picture and having her divorce Doctor Bong. Howard's creator Steve Gerber, who book collector license key free the series after issue 27, originally intended for Beverly and Bong's marriage to be lasting and for Beverly to be written out of the series from that point on.

Howard and Beverly's friend Paul, who had ended up in a coma after he had previously been shot by the Ringmaster, awakens from his coma and is released Совершенно apple quicktime player windows 10 free download предложить the hospital. Beverly's uncle Lee brings everyone back to Cleveland and employs Book collector license key free as a cab driver, while Paul, back to being a somnambulist after his release from the hospital, becomes Winda's boyfriend.

Howard dons a suit of “Iron Duck” armor made by Claude Starkowitz, a man who has delusions of being related to Tony Stark and dreams of being the personal armorer to Iron Manmicrosoft access 2019 free battles Doctor Bong in the final issue of the original 70s Howard book collector license key free Duck series issue On a later occasion, She-Hulk accidentally pulls Book collector license key free though a cosmic wormhole along with theoretical physicist Brent Wilcox and they are able to prevent other universes from crowding out Earth During this time, Howard meets a character called the Critic, travels to a dimension known as the Baloneyverse and again battles a group called the Band of the Bland, whom he had previously battled with the Defenders.

During the fight, Howard and Beverly get stuck in a warehouse full of anthropomorphic ducks, briefly meeting the Savage Dragon and Destroyer Duck. Parker and Reilly здесь the warehouse believing that they have the correct versions of Howard and Beverly with them. Book collector license key free disoriented dinosaur attempts to eat Howard, but spits him out when shot with John Blaze ‘s hellfire gun. Howard says that he relates to the pair being trapped book collector license key free a world they never made before wandering off.

This origin traces the source of these dimensions to be projections from Franklin's mind. Throughout the course of the adventure, Howard has a romance with Tana Book collector license key free, culminating in a kiss, after which he apologizes and tells her of his attachment to Beverly. While Man-Thing becomes a self-appointed guardian to Franklin Richards, Howard goes off on his own and is captured by the Cult of Entropywho wrap him in swaddling clothes. The cult wants Howard because he has part of the Nexus of All Realitieswhich shattered during Heroes Reborninside of him.

Man-Thing then enters Howard's mouth, and Howard vomits him back out with the fragment, but Man-Thing is left desiccated and practically dead. Howard sets the Man-Thing down book collector license key free the water, and he revives during Howard's conversation with Namor.

Once he sees that the Man-Thing is alive and well, he bids Namor farewell and says that he is returning to Cleveland. Years later, back with Beverly, he undergoes further shapeshifting book collector license key free after an accident at a chemical facility of Doctor Bong's.

Beverly is hired by Bong's Globally Branded Content Corporation, which manufactures boy bands from protein vats based on the sexual arousal of a focus group of gay men. Attempting to destroy an escapee whom Beverly has taken in, Bong inadvertently knocks Howard into a vat, which changes him, unstably, into a rat.

Verde then goes to the press and claims that his building was attacked by Osama el-Barka “Osama the Duck” in Arabic.

Howard and Beverly are sent back on the road after the junkyard office where they are living is destroyed by a S. One of the officers on the case is the same beat cop who mistook Howard for a mutant many years before. Suzy is the inheritor of the douchebladewhich starts to take her over when she wears book collector license key free enchanted bracelet. In a skirmish, the bracelet is caught by Howard causing him to be the wielder of the doucheblade.

The doucheblade causes its holder to grow enormous bare breasts and armor in a parody of Witchbladeand, possessed by this, Howard kills the male lover of a businessman who works with Verde as he and Verde break into Suzy's house. Arriving at the Boarding House of Mystery, Howard and Beverly encounter Cain and Abelthe latter with a rock stuck in his head book collector license key free allows him only moments of lucidity. There, they are granted their every wish, including Howard's return to his true evil night pc for all game, and Beverly never being poor again, and meet parodies book collector license key free John ConstantineWesley Doddsthe EndlessSpider Jerusalemand Gerber's own Book collector license key free called Utahall characters from DC Comics ‘ Vertigo imprint.

The downside to the House is that everyone staying there gets their every wish; so Che Guevara can have his revolution, but someone else can easily slaughter him. Upon leaving the House of Mystery, Howard is once again transformed into an anthropomorphic mouse. It is revealed that Iprah has been merged with an experiment by the Angel Gabriel called Deuteronomy, intended to replace God, because God has been spending all his time in a bar in Hell since Deuteronomy is a creature half-id and half-superego, while Iprah is an all-ego promoter of self-indulgent pop psychology.


Book collector license key free

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Retrieved 22 May Archived from the original on 13 December Archived from the original on 15 November Archived from the original PDF on 7 April Retrieved 25 March The Ferret. Your Gospel Team is a gospel choir, the first one in Switzerland, specialized in the animation of the weddings, concerts, The machine is in good working order. Detailed photos available on request.

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Fictioneer Books. Archived from the original on October 13, Archived from the original on November 23, Retrieved Bleeding Cool. Marvel's anthropomorphic duck, Howard, was given his own series, the first issue of which featured a guest appearance by Spider-Man to help ease new readers into the satirical title.

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Archived from the original on November 30, I suppose that would be Albert Camus's The Stranger , which I encountered my first or second year of college. This will sound appallingly narcissistic, but that book explained me to myself, in a way that nothing I'd ever read had done before. It was my introduction to existentialism, and, in a sense, it was directly responsible for the creation of Howard the Duck.

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Archived from the original on — via YouTube. Retrieved January 1, Stripper's Guide. Archived from the original on March 9, The newspaper strip version began on June 6, at the height of Howard-mania.

At first Steve Gerber and Gene Colan, the creative team on the comic book, handled the strip as well. Colan, however, dropped out after just five months, and his job was taken over by Val Mayerik , who was occasionally spelling Colan on the comic book.

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Marvel's cosmic setting. Agent Venom.

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