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Fable 2 was only, Fable 3’s release suffered on PC at Microsoft’s own hands. I’m sure the demand would have made it worth it at this point. Lionhead is now in the developer graveyard and Microsoft have a store and a PC gaming initiative that looks like it’s here to stay for longer. So whether 2 or 3 come out on PC is one mystery and whether they’re saved for the Windows Store instead of Steam is another.

I just introduced a housemate to the joys of Fable Anniversary but it was over so fast. Would have repurchased the game on Steam but I’m stuck either getting ripped off for used copies or collecting them from my childhood home. Fable III is available on steam. Last edited by FireDrakeZ ; 21 Nov, pm.

Nilrac View Profile View Posts. Free download full version pc games-full version pc games free download-all kind of pc games free download full version-pc games download free full. Story Line Of Game : The game begins in the city of Bowerstone, where the protagonist, a young child known as Sparrow the player is able to select their gender lives in poverty with his or her older sister, Rose, and dreams about living in Castle Fairfax, the home of Lord Lucien.

Their fantasies are cut short when they hear a commotion down at the market. A man who goes by the name of Mystical Murgo is selling ‘magical’ wares, such as a mirror that makes one beautiful though only in complete darkness and a magic box that grants a wish. Rose scoffs at the idea of magic, but an old woman named Theresa tells her otherwise, suggesting it may in fact be magic.

The period of time, first of all, can be seen in the construction, clothing and weapons in the use of, for example, firearms , although also changed at least the law.

In General, the virtual universe is no longer similar to the European middle ages, but rather the era of colonial conquests. Another intriguing option is to give up death entirely. Death is not permanent in the game. Another important aspect of Fable 2 is family. Players can now have families, including children, who will seek the player for moral and stylistic guidance. MultiVersus PC Download. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 1. Rune Factory 5 Download for PC. Hollow 2 PC Download.


Fable II PC Download Full Version – replace.me

If you want to play co-op with a player who has already downloaded Fable II Knothole Island content, you will need to download the Fable II Knothole Island (Free) pack, To play the new quests and enjoy the complete Knothole Island co-op experience, both co-op players must download the Knothole Island (Premium) pack. FABLE 2 PC GAME FREE DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. FABLE 2 PC GAME FREE DOWNLOAD CRACKED. FABLE 2 PC GAME FREE DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION. Other similar games you can download are Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimand Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Fully re- mastered with HD visuals and audio, Fable Anniversary is a stunning . This game supports replace.mead Fable II, the best-selling action role-playing game, in which you take on the role of a Hero in the fully realised land of Albion. Play through an epic story, become the world’s greatest fighter, gunslinger or mage. Explore dozens of open, unique environments with your faithful dog.


Fable 2 pc game free

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Originally posted by Connobar :. Fable 2 was only, Fable 3’s release suffered on PC at Microsoft’s own hands.


Fable 2 pc game free

The gameplay begins as a resident of the street, but thanks to the completed tasks and a little luck, we are getting higher and higher in the social hierarchy. Makes me wonder whether it should still be considered immoral to download a cracked version of Fable 3. Ninku: Tsuyokina Yatsura No Daigekitotsu! Prescott informs Marcus Fenix he n

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